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【Investment Business】
  • Introduction to Off-shore Companies                                                                                   
    ◎  Companies not registered in the territory of Taiwan, generally set up in duty-free heaven area,
          such as: British Virgin Islands (BVI) and Belize, etc.

  • Registered Qualification of Off-shore Company                                                                                                                        
    ◎  Personal Registration

    ◎  CompanyRegistration
  • Purpose for Establishing Off-Shore Company                                                                     

                    ◎  Free for income and investmenttax

                    ◎  Free scheduling of funds

                    ◎  Indirect investment in third place

                    ◎  Stock of off-shore company beinglisted in the overseas stock market

                    ◎  Diversification of risk

                    ◎  Personal financial planning

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