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【Investment Business】
  • Introduction to Offshore Banking Unit                                                                                

    ◎  Handling the banking business of offshore financial transactions overseas.
  • Qualificationsfor Application of Offshore Banking Unit                                                     

    ◎  Individuals who hold theforeign passport have no residence in Taiwan.

          ◎  Foreign legal persons (companies).

  • Features and Meritsof Offshore Banking Unit                                                                   

    ◎  Unregulated by foreign exchange regulations or unrestricted by monetary laws and regulations.

          ◎  Interest on deposit tax-free.  

          ◎  Account itself exempts frombusiness income tax, business tax and stamp duty.

          ◎  Confidentiality: It is not necessary to provide the related account information to third parties
                except for court judgmentsor provisions of law.

  • The Restrictions of Offshore Banking Unit                                                                         

    ◎  May not receive foreign currency cash.

          ◎  Shall not permit the extraction of foreign exchange deposits in exchange for New Taiwan

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