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  • Judicial Mediation                                                                                                               

                    Judicial Mediation is a trial activityand a way to settle a caseby a court to encourage parties to
                    a dispute to voluntarily reach an agreement to resolve their disputeunder the auspices of the judges.

                    The Principle of Voluntary Mediation

                    For marital cases, inside-court mediation is a necessary procedure. Whether or not to seek judicial
                    mediation is for litigants to decidein other civil cases.

  • Ways of Mediation                                                                                                                                            

    ◎  When mediating cases, courts may be presided over by a sole judge or by a collegiate panel
          and mediation should take place on the spot as much as possible. Courts may notify, in a
          simple way, the litigants and witnesses to appear in court.

                    ◎  Courtsmay invite relevant entities or individuals to assist, and the invited entities or individuals
                          should assist the courts in mediation.

  • Mediation Document                                                                                                           

       ◎  Generation of the Mediation Document

                          1.If an agreement is reached between the parties after mediation, the court should prepare
                                  a mediation document, which should specify what the dispute is about, the facts, and
                                  the result.

                          2.The mediation document should be signed by the judge and the clerk and affixed with
                                  an official seal of the court. Then, it should be delivered to the parties.

                          3.It becomes legally binding after the parties sign it.A court's mediation document is as
                                  valid as its verdict.

                    ◎  When a Mediation Document is Not Required

                           The court may choose not to prepare a mediation document under any of the following

                          1.A divorce case that ends up with reunion through mediation;

                          2.Adoption cases where the relation of adoption is sustained through mediation;

                          3.Cases that are enforceable immediately;

                          4.Other cases where a mediation document is not required.

                           Agreements for which a mediation document is not needed should be recorded in the court
                           log and will become legally binding upon signature or seal of the parties, judges and the clerk.

                    ◎  Failureof Mediation

                          Acourt of law should adjudicate in a timely fashion if mediation fails to produce an agreement
                          or if one party retracts before the mediation document arrives.

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