【Our Profile】
  • CORPORATE & COMMERCIAL ISSUES                                                 

Establishment and amendment of all types of company and branch/representative offices, drafting commercial contracts, attending Shareholders' and/or Directors' Meeting and compiling resolution/Minute of Meeting thereof, reconciliation/mediation of dispute between shareholders and/or directors, reconciliation/mediation of labor dispute, Corporate Reorganization, Liquidation of company, Due Diligence Report, and other corporate and commercial related services.

  • INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY                                                                                        

We serve as agent for national and international companies to act on their behalf concerning matters relating to patent, trademark and copy right for registration, opposition, renewal, review, exposure, withdraw, and transfer application. We also deals with management and usage of intellectual property, investigation in pirated intellectual property right protected products, infringement of intellectual property rights, as well as to furnish administration of relieve.

  • LEGAL AFFAIRS IN MAINLAND CHINA                                                                   

Establishment and amendment of all types of company and representative offices in the mainland China, drafting commercial contracts, transfer of real property, inheritance of property, applying for employment permit and assistance for other non-litigation or litigation matters.

  • MERGER & ACQUISITION                                                                                             

This is one of the services that we offers, worked with many famous companies and has received high recommendation for our services. We deal with drafting and give advice on due diligence report, provide legal advice and assistance, negotiation, investigation, drafting, settlement, and all the other matters relating to merger and acquisition.

  • OVERSEAS COMPANY                                                                                                    

The establishment of holding companies in British Virgin Islands, Samoa, Cayman, Hong Kong, Singapore, Panama, Bermuda and other places.


Planning for foreign enterprises and overseas Chinese come to Taiwan/Taiwanese enterprises investing abroad, the establishment and amendment of domestic and overseas companies/ representative offices, drafting due diligence report of the company.

  • CIVIL / CRIMINAL LITIGATION                                                                                  

Undertaking the civil cases such as compensation for damages, disputes on payment for goods, payment & contracting, infringement return, equity disputes or unjust enrichment etc.; undertaking the criminal cases such as fraud, forgery, encroachment and theft, misappropriation and perfidy or exorbitant usury.

  • NON-LITIGATIONMATTERS                                                                                         

Drafting and examining of contracts and letter/mail, creating and transferring the rights over the real estate properties, heritage planning, drafting of Will, inheritance registration, conduct/attend creditors' meeting and debt collection, enforcement, provisional injunction and provisional execution, administrative appeal/ lawsuit against administrative measures, negotiation and settlement of different types of issues.

  • NOTARIZATION & AUTHENTICATION                                                                        

                    Dealingwiththe applicationfor avisa ataforeignembassy, as well as other related notarization and
                    certification issues, such as signature authentication , power of attorney authentication , power of
                    attorney authenticationfor foreign natural person investment, official document authentication,
                    documents translation or birth certificate authentication and so on;

  • ARBITRATION                                                                                                                   

                    In order to avoid the time-consuming lawsuits, another alternative method is to submit the dispute
                    to an arbitrator for a judgment. Unfortunately this can only be done to the matters relating to
                    construction or commerce. The judgment obtained shall have the same effect as a normal court
                    judgment, which is irrevocable, final and binding on all parties concerned.

  •  LEGAL CONSULTANT                                                                                                   

                     Provide once-off consultation to assist and provide advice to our clients with their legal matters.
                     Alternatively, we also offer to act as the legal advisor on our client's behalf on a yearly basis with
                     retainer fees attached thereto. Especially provide economical or professional advicesfor
                     crossregional companies and manufacturers; agent for the establishment of a company, providing
                     legal advices on business activities and investment laws consulting; 

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